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Siemens Mammomat Inspiration Full-Field Digital Mammography

The Mammomat Inspiration offers digital screening and diagnostic mammography producing excellent image quality using industry leading technology designed to minimize the patient's radiation dose and exposure time. There currently is no other unit of its kind north of Boston.
"The hospital's purchase of the Siemens Mammomat Inspiration represents our dedication to using the highest quality full-field digital mammography system," explained Dr. Shawn Laferriere, Chief of Radiology.

View the MammoMat Inspiration Gallery: Click on image for larger view.

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Siemens MammoTest Stereotactic Breast Biopsy System

"We are also very proud to bring the first fully digital stereotactic biopsy system to Cary and Aroostook County," Laferriere continued. "The breast biopsy system allows for a minimally invasive procedure with increased patient comfort. The system is capable of identifying the smallest calcifications, allowing for a more precise and efficient diagnosis," he explained. "Combined with our breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging, (MRI) and breast ultrasound testing capabilities, our Women’s Imaging Center provides our patients with the most advanced breast diagnostic services in Aroostook County," Laferriere added.

View the MammoTest Stereotactic Biopsy System Gallery: Click on image for larger view.

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