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Pharmacy Technician – 36 hrs/wk – Pharmacy

Job Summary: Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists by: (1) Preparing and distributing medications; (2) Maintaining the drug inventory; (3) Mixing IV Medications; (4) performing other related and assigned duties; and (5) Comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Essential Duties:

  1. Ability to perform work accurately with attention to detail within specified time period.
  2. Ability to work cooperatively with organization and pharmacy staff.
  3. Ability to handle frequent interruption and adapt to changes in workload and work schedule.
  4. Ability to set priorities and solve problems.
  5. Ability to respond quickly to emergency requests.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively (orally and in writing).
  7. Ability to assist in meeting the pharmaceutical care needs if neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients.
  8. Assigned order-entry functions (e.g. parenteral nutrition, Chemotherapy preparations, etc.) are performed accurately and in a timely fashion.
  9. Accurately selects medication for dispensing or restock, rechecks orders, and/or accurately checks dispensing done by pharmacist and technicians.
  10. Accurately restocks and/or checks OmniCell and floor stock medications.
  11. Accurately performs mathematical calculations as necessary and/or accurately checks calculations performed by others, and notifies pharmacist of any inconsistencies.
  12. Labels patient-specific and in-house repackaged medications in a neat and accurate manner including notification of calculated doses and appropriate warning/caution labels.
  13. Reports instances of questionable practice by clinicians, nurses, or pharmacy staff to the charge pharmacist or director of pharmacy.
  14. Age appropriate care: As necessary, collects patient height, weight and allergy information and enters into the computerized patient profile.
  15. Age appropriate care: Annual age-related required training lessons and competencies are completed on time and with a passing grade.
  16. Accurately performs duties associated with new procedures, and accurately performs other related duties as assigned.
  17. Regularly attends and actively participates in department staff meetings.
  18. Answers telephone, receiving and relaying accurate messages as needed.
  19. When requested, assists in training new department personnel.
  20. When requested, run work-related errands outside of the hospital.
  21. Willingly accepts new projects and assignments.
  22. Complies with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


Intravenous admixture/chemotherapy preparation:

  1. Prepares and labels IV-admixtures & chemotherapy in a neat and accurate manner.
  2. When preparing admixtures, uses proper aseptic technique in accordance with department policy.
  3. Accurately performs related mathematical calculations as necessary and/or checks calculations performed by others; notifies pharmacist of any inconsistencies.
  4. Makes rounds to patient care units and patient rooms to check on status of intravenous admixtures.
  5. Cleans the laminar flow hood and working area thoroughly using aseptic technique before mixing IV solutions; performs other routine cleaning of hood and associated work areas according to department policy; documents routine cleaning.
  6. Age appropriate care: As required for pediatric and geriatric patients, intravenous admixtures are prepared in appropriate fluid volume, per department policy; consults pharmacist as appropriate.


Medication distribution and control functions:

  1. As necessary, round to patient units, picking up orders and delivering medications in a timely fashion to avoid delay in medication administration or pharmacy/hospital work processes.
  2. Performs OmniCell inventory restocks; trouble-shoots OmniCell cabinet issues as necessary.
  3. Conducts required expired-drug and drug storage inspections as assigned.
  4. Prepares or prints department work documents/fill-lists/reports as necessary.


Medication packaging, preparation, and compounding functions:

  1. Accurately repackages and labels bulk medication into unit-dose/unit-of-use packaging per department policy.
  2. Accurately reconstitutes prefabricated medication.
  3. When required and under the supervision of the pharmacist, accurately weighs, measures, and compounds medications.


Maintenance of the records, reports and files of the department:

  1. Accurately posts patient medication charges/credits via the computer system.
  2. Prepares and maintains appropriate records associated with purchase/sale/transfer of medications, controlled substance, and supplies.
  3. Files related documents (fill-lists, invoices, work records, etc.) in accordance with department policy.
  4. Maintains records pertaining to monthly expired-drug inspections and disposition of outdated items.
  5. Accurately maintains required records associated with controlled substance inventory.


Procurement, storage, and inventory control functions:

  1. Avoids stock-outs and ensures adequate inventory levels by pulling reorder cards.
  2. Prepares and places medication & supplies orders with vendors, receives & checks incoming orders, and restocks shelves.
  3. Replenishes medication picking station, IV room stock, and supplies from stock storage areas.
  4. Assists in preparation and packaging items for return to vendors.
  5. Participates in department annual inventory count, completing assigned work accurately and within the assigned time period.


Computer systems database maintenance (if applicable):

  1. Accurately creates new CPSI item Master entries.
  2. Accurately modifies existing CPSI Item Master entries.
  3. Demonstrates knowledge of working with/understanding HCPCS codes and related sources.
  4. Accurately insures and maintains CPSI Item Master charge-billing fields.
  5. Effectively collaborates with/informs Director of Pharmacy on related matters.
  6. Appropriately educates staff on related matters.
  7. Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
  8. Efficiently assists in developing/maintaining related policies and procedures/records as instructed by the Director of Pharmacy.


Staff orientation and training (if applicable):

  1. Effectively precepts new hires through orientation and training program.
  2. Appropriately evaluates staff compliance with training requirements.
  3. Accurately escorts staff through remedial training as required.
  4. Accurately develops and maintains training manuals/standards in conjunction with the Director of Pharmacy.
  5. Efficiently collaborates with/informs Director of Pharmacy on related matters.
  6. Appropriately educates staff on related matters.
  7. Efficiently assists in developing/maintaining related procedures/records as instructed by the Director of Pharmacy.


Inventory control (if applicable):

  1. Maintains an accurate computerized inventory list.
  2. Prints and updates related inventory cards and shelf stickers efficiently.
  3. Interacts with vendors to resolve problems in a timely and appropriate manner.
  4. Collaborates with/informs Director of Pharmacy on related matter in a timely fashion.
  5. Educates staff appropriately on related matters.
  6. Efficiently assists in developing/maintaining related procedures/records as instructed by the Director of Pharmacy.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Meets the identified organizational requirements, work habits & promotes a collaborative & cooperative work environment.
  2. Performs other work-related duties as assigned and assists in overall support to Pharmacy department.
  3. Ability to set priorities, multi-task and work in an organized manner.


Availability Requirements:

Weekdays, evenings, weekends, and holidays as necessary.


Education, Skills, Experience Requirements:

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent. College courses desirable but not required.
  2. Active pharmacy technician license awarded by the State of Maine.
  3. 2-3 years pharmacy technician experience preferred, but not required.



What People Say About Us

Here are just a few of the many positive things our patients have to say about their the care they received at Cary Medical Center.

  1. The staff in one day surgery is absolutely amazing. I was very thankful for my team of nurses, doctors and right down to the secretary that checked me in. You all were so amazing, friendly and professional. Thank you so much!

    Desiree S.

    Desiree S.

  2. I am beyond happy with our visit at Cary! We can't thank you and your amazing staff for keeping our little boy your #1 concern. You did such an amazing job! Thank you Cary Medical Center!

    Whittni N.

    Whittni N.

  3. This hospital was exactly what a hospital should be. The took such good care of my grandmother and the display of humanity and compassion was genuine. I am forever grateful.

    Joshua S.

    Joshua S.

  4. I had my son at Cary and I couldn’t imagine being treated better anywhere. The staff were attentive, empathetic, and went above and beyond for my comfort. I wouldn’t want to give birth anywhere else.

    Emily O.

    Emily O.

  5. A big shout-out to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Cary Medical Center’s ER, Imaging, Lab, Food Service, and ACU Departments. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care from each of you.

    Stephanie P.

    Stephanie P.

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