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Security Officer / Screener – Full-Time TEMPORARY (internal only)


Job Summary: The Security Officer is responsible for responding rapidly to patient, family & visitor situations that are violent and/or escalating towards violence. The Security Officer will work to protect patients, staff and visitors in safety and security situations. The Security Officer will manage safety and security situations, working collaboratively with nursing and Medical Providers. The Security Officer will ensure buildings, doors, and egresses are secure and open public entrances are locked on the approved schedule. The Security Officer will be visible to patients, staff and visitors throughout the workday.

Essential Job Duties:
1. Enforces and abides by all regulations and security policies/procedures of Cary Medical Center.
2. Enforces parking regulations for patients, visitors and staff.
3. Performs investigations in matters related to security incidents.
4. Establishes and maintains outstanding working relationships with local law enforcement agencies. Remains knowledgeable of regulations and laws pertaining to security, personal protection and emergency preparedness.
5. Inputs information into the Daily Activity Reports and Incident Reports.
6. Responds quickly and effectively to emergency and non-emergency situations. Escorts persons appropriately.
7. Provides a visible deterrence to crime, prohibited or suspicious activities in public and non-public areas in all places within the organization of Cary Medical Center.
8. Communicates effectively with diverse people including patients, visitors, employees, and vendors.
9. Works in an environment that requires exceptional customer services skills. Maintains a professional and positive working relationship.
10. Interacts with hospital departments professionally.
11. Verbally intervenes during crisis and uses deescalating techniques when necessary. This includes the ability to quickly grasp various situations, develop rapport with individuals in distress, understand when people are/are not processing information and be supportive or directive as appropriate.
12. Able to physically intervene during crisis. This includes the functional ability to physically restrain individuals, requiring the retention of knowledge in stressful situations as well as the ability to meet significant physical demands including those of a struggle with someone physically larger and heavier, while making all possible effort not to inflict injury.
13. Responsible for proper use of cameras, building access systems and ID Badge systems, including providing input to the Director of Security on system operability.
14. Participates in regular security drills at all Cary locations.
15. Maintains some availability by cell phone for off-duty emergencies or major incident responses which may occur after hours or on the weekends.
16. Communicates directly with the Director of Security on items of security, risk and/or vulnerability.
17. Must be proficient in the proper use of security and safety equipment.
18. Will assist in patient management and workflow in the Emergency Department as patient volume and situation dictate, done at the request of Administration, manager, ED Medical Provider, Nursing Supervisor or Nursing staff.
19. Willingness to perform other duties as requested.

Other Duties:
1. Comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations.
2. Promotes a safe work environment for employees, patients and visitors.
3. Provides outstanding customer service to internal and external customers.
4. Maintains a productive work environment, confidently motivating, mobilizing and coaching security staff to meet high performance standards and goals.

Licenses and Education:
1. Law Enforcement experience preferred
2. Valid Maine Driver’s License
3. International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety Basic Security Officer Certification within 180 days of hire and Advanced certification within 18 months of hire.




Job Summary:

The hospital entrance screener is responsible for greeting customers in a friendly manner and conducting screening for COVID-19 symptoms.


Essential Job Duties:

  1. Greet patients politely.
  2. Inquire why patient needs to be seen today.
  3. Take temperatures and ask list of screening questions to all staff and patients prior to entry into facility.
  4. Be familiar with protocol if anyone answers YES to any screening question.
  5. Direct patient to screening area for further testing by clinical personnel.
  6. Fill out registration form for possible Covid positive patients.
  7. Be familiar with current visitor policy and follow accordingly.
  8. Monitors guests’ needs and the workflow of the hospital lobby.
  9. Relies on experience and judgement to plan and accomplish goals.
  10. Performs a variety of tasks as assigned.


Other Duties:

  1. Complies with local, state and federal laws and regulations.



  1. Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required.
  2. High School Diploma/GED
  3. Knowledge of Microsoft Office

What People Say About Us

Here are just a few of the many positive things our patients have to say about their the care they received at Cary Medical Center.

  1. The staff in one day surgery is absolutely amazing. I was very thankful for my team of nurses, doctors and right down to the secretary that checked me in. You all were so amazing, friendly and professional. Thank you so much!

    Desiree S.

    Desiree S.

  2. I am beyond happy with our visit at Cary! We can't thank you and your amazing staff for keeping our little boy your #1 concern. You did such an amazing job! Thank you Cary Medical Center!

    Whittni N.

    Whittni N.

  3. This hospital was exactly what a hospital should be. The took such good care of my grandmother and the display of humanity and compassion was genuine. I am forever grateful.

    Joshua S.

    Joshua S.

  4. I had my son at Cary and I couldn’t imagine being treated better anywhere. The staff were attentive, empathetic, and went above and beyond for my comfort. I wouldn’t want to give birth anywhere else.

    Emily O.

    Emily O.

  5. A big shout-out to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Cary Medical Center’s ER, Imaging, Lab, Food Service, and ACU Departments. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care from each of you.

    Stephanie P.

    Stephanie P.

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