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Family Influence: Prevention Begins At Home Webinar

Family Health Care, Oncology, Orthopedics, OB Health Services: Caribou, ME

Family Influence: Prevention Begins At Home Webinar

It is a reality of our culture that virtually everyone will have alcohol or other drug choices to make on an almost daily basis.  Is it even possible for a person to conduct their life so as to never encounter alcohol, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs or even illicit drugs? If you think not, a logical question as a parent/caregiver is, “How am I preparing my adolescences to make these choices?”
This 3-hour webinar with Certified Prevention Specialist Kim Parent of Power of Prevention will provide valuable information to help engage your adolescents in conversation around substance use. The webinar is based off the Prime for Life curriculum and modified specifically for parents and caregivers. This curriculum is specifically designed to provide tools to use when faced with alcohol other drug choices that will help your adolescent make choices in their best interest.
Participants who successfully complete this workshop will:
• Learn to recognize the difference between Health Risk and Impairment Risk associated with alcohol and other drug choices and be presented with models proposing how these two types of risks develop.
• Engaged in the consideration of who is at risk for alcohol and other drug problems in general and how to assess their own personal risk.
• Leave with research based, easy to remember, low-risk alcohol and other drug guidelines.
We will offer the webinar on two separate days, but may combine the classes if we don’t have enough registrations for each individually. Please indicate your availability for either class while completing and submitting the registration form below.

Family Influence Webinar Registration

  • We may combine classes depending on the number of registrants. Please indicate your availability/preference for either date and time.