Your Physician Team at the Women's Imaging Center

Front L to R:
Shawn Laferriere, DO, Medical Director of Radiology
Mariana Mendible, MD, Surgeon
Rear L to R:
Allan Espinosa, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
Nadia Rajack, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
Michael Porter, MD, Pathologist
Brenda Clark, MD, Radiologist
Ninu Sharma, MD, Pathologist
Madjid Yaghmai, MD, Radiologist
Andres Fleury, MD, Surgeon



Click HERE
to hear a Message about the Women's Imaging Center from Dr. Shawn Laferriere, Medical Director of Radiology at
Cary Medical Center.

Your Physiscian Team

Your Mammography Team at the Women's Imaging Center

Your Mammography Techs
L to R: Wendy Prashaw, RT(R)(M), RDMS, Lead Mammographer, Ultrasonographer; Kimberly Wilcox, RT(R)(MR)(M), Breast Health Navigator; Kristal Duval, RT(R)(M), Mammographer; Karie Ouellette, RT(R), Mammographer; Leslie Anderson, PT, MSB, Manager Imaging and Rehabilitation Services

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