Hospital Pricing

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Hospital Pricing

Receiving medical care often brings financial concerns. We want you to know that you have a right to be involved in your health care, including the financial aspects of our services. Cost estimates for healthcare services are available by contacting our Business Office at 207-498-1617 or by email at [email protected].

You may also visit the Maine Health Data Organization website for historical price comparisons.   Please note the pricing data presented on the MHDO webpage may not be the same as price estimate information provided by the hospital.  Some of the significant differences include:

Average Price – The prices on the MHDO CompareMaine website are average or median prices paid by all of the large insurance companies in the state.  The price paid by your insurance company will differ from the average.

Total Price – The prices on the MHDO CompareMaine website include the combined amount paid by the insurance company and the patient.  The hospital will not know what sort of payment arrangement the patient has with his/her insurance company.

Bundled Price – Many of the procedures displayed on the MHDO CompareMaine website are for an entire episode of care.  The episode is all care received 30 days prior to the hospital visit and 30 days after the hospital visit.  For most procedures, the web-site also bundles the care provided by multiple different doctors and facilities.  The hospital will only be able to tell the patient the price of the care provided at the hospital as opposed to the entire episode of care.

Dated Price – The prices listed on the MHDO CompareMaine website are approximately a year old.  Prices change over time so the prices on the website may be outdated.

  • Helpful Information when requesting a price estimate:
    • Name of Referring Provider
    • Description of your Procedure
      • The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be to provide an estimate.  If possible, ask your provider for the code associated with your care.
  • Overview of Related Issues:
    • Prices do not necessarily equal out-of-pocket costs
      • When you receive a price estimate from the hospital, please keep in mind that this is likely not the amount you will pay out of your pocket for the procedure.
      • If you have health insurance, your out-of-pocket costs may be much lower.  You need to consult your policy and speak with your insurance company to determine your share of the costs.
    • Medical Complications
      • If you are receiving a medical procedure like surgery, your price estimate may reflect a range of prices rather than a single amount.  That is because surgeries can involve unknowns, unanticipated risks or other complications that can increase the cost of your care.  Ask your doctor to describe the kinds of potential complications associated with your care.