Cary Medical Center’s Patient Portal – MyCareCorner

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Cary Medical Center’s Patient Portal – MyCareCorner

Welcome to the Cary Medical Center patient portal, ‘MyCareCorner’. We have updated our portal so that you can have more access to confidential and personal health information electronically. Through the use of email and MyCareCorner you will be able to check your lab test results, immunizations, your medications, any allergies you may have, individual medical conditions, and other personal health information. Please remember that some test results may take several days to process and might not be immediately available. This information will be available to you whenever you visit the hospital for tests or hospitalization. You can also put this medical information on your own private computer for your personal records and if needed, share your health records with another medical professional or a personal representative of your choosing. In addition to having access to your personal health information you may also use MyCareCorner to check any account balances you may have or pay your bill.

To take advantage of this program, please share your email address with us when registering for any visit at Cary Medical Center. You will receive an auto-generated email from our electronic health record that will provide you with a link to MyCareCorner. Once you click on the link you will be taken to the registration page and receive step by step instructions to process your request. This will take just a few moments and you only need to register one time. During the registration process you will be asked to provide a User ID and Password. Once you have created these items, please write them down on a separate sheet of paper so that you will have them available should you forget your password in a future request. Once you have successfully created your User ID and Password you will be able to log onto MyCareCorner. Once there you will be asked to provide personal identification information to complete your registration process. If at any time during the process you experience a problem or have any questions, please contact our customer service representative at 207-498-1380 Monday through Friday from 9am – 2:30pm. We will be happy to help, it is our privilege to serve you.

When you complete this initial registration you will find easy access to your personal health information. Please remember, not all medical procedures are featured in the web portal and results for some lab tests often take several days to process so may not be immediately available. If you ever have any questions about your personal health information or test results, please contact your health care provider. Our account representatives respect your personal health information and confidentiality and will not be able to provide any medical information.

Please Note: The Cary Medical Center Patient Portal relates to services provided at Cary Medical Center ONLY and will not include health information from any other health care facilities that you may have utilized for health services. We do not recommend that you message your doctor or other healthcare provider thru MyCareCorner. We encourage you to use the patient portal provided by Pines Health Services or whichever health service you attend.