Turning the Tide on Lung Cancer

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Turning the Tide on Lung Cancer

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A grant from Maine Cancer foundation has provided Cary Medical Center with the opportunity to promote the importance of Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening. Lung Cancer is the 3rd leading cancer in the United States. Some 2.2 million people were diagnosed with Lung Cancer in the US in 2020. While the numbers are concerning there is great progress being made in the diagnosis and treatment of Lung Cancer. That is why Cary Medical Center and Pines Health Services along with health care providers throughout the nation are working hard to get more people who have chosen to smoke during their lifetime to get screened. Like many cancers, early diagnosis of Lung Cancer can lead to treatment when it is most effective.

Turning the Tide on Lung Cancer, a virtual – ZOOM conference will feature two outstanding presenters. The conference is free and is open to all primary care providers as well as other healthcare professionals who may have an interest in the prevention and treatment of lung cancer. Maine has a rate of Lung Cancer at nearly 75/100,000 population compared to a national average of 63/100,000. It is our hope that this conference, ‘Turning the Tide on Lung Cancer’, will lead to increased referrals for low dose CT screening for those who meet eligibility guidelines.


Register Online: Turning the Tide on Lung Cancer

Virtual Conference
May 18, 2023 – 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Turning the Tide on Lung Cancer is made possible by a grant from Maine Cancer Foundation

For more information, please contact Nancy Holmquist by phone at 207-551-1800 or by email at [email protected]


About Our Speakers

Dr. Kim Sandler – I am currently an Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I completed my fellowship training in Cardiothoracic Imaging at Vanderbilt in 2015 and now interpret diagnostic imaging studies for pulmonary and cardiovascular medicine. I serve as the Co-Director of the Vanderbilt Lung Screening Program. My research interests include improving outreach for lung screening, particularly for women and underrepresented minorities, and improving our ability to differentiate benign and malignant lung nodules with CT imaging.

Our current research efforts are focused on risk stratification within our population and strategies to improve enrollment. We have focused on identifying women who are high risk for lung cancer and currently engaged in breast cancer screening to promote their enrollment in the lung screening program

Dr. Michael Gieske grew up down the street from St. Elizabeth Hospital, Edgewood. He has been especially excited to be part of the promotion and development of the region’s largest Cancer Care Center, which is inevitably improving cancer care in the region and enriching the lives of patients and families in the community he grew up in, as well as an expanding St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s geographical footprint.

He graduated from University of Louisville Medical College in 1984, then completed his Family Practice Residency at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Edgewood, Kentucky in 1987. He was appointed Director of Lung Cancer Screening in November 2019. He has worked with his team at St. Elizabeth Healthcare to build one of the most successful lung cancer screening programs in the country. He is a dedicated advocate for lung cancer survivors and caregivers, raising awareness and promoting policy to bring hope to patients at risk for and with lung cancer.

Additionally, he is the Physician Director of Virtual Health Care. His interests include gardening, oil painting, kayaking, hiking, backpacking and travel, and spending time with his family, including his wife of 35 years, his 28 and 30 year old daughters, and two grandchildren.

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