Special Needs

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Special Needs

At Cary Medical Center, we are prepared to do whatever we can to ensure that your care is personalized to meet your needs and expectations. Whether it’s a physical limitation, communication challenge, religious preference, or any other special need that may impact your healthcare decisions, we will work very closely with you and your family to minimize any difficulties and address concerns. For your convenience, we provide the following services at Cary Medical Center:

Translation Services – If you have difficulty speaking or understanding English, we have staff available at all times who can provide translation services in several foreign languages, including French and Spanish. In addition, we can be connected to the ATT Language Line. This services features specially trained translators who can speak with you in your language over the phone. He or she will then speak to your nurse and tell them what you are saying. Translation services can be arranged through the nursing staff.

Smoking Cessation Program – For the health and safety of everyone at Cary Medical Center, our campus is tobacco-free.  This means that use of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.) is strictly prohibited in the hospital or on the hospital grounds, including in vehicles on hospital property.  These restrictions extend to all staff, patients, visitors, vendors, or any other individual on the hospital campus.  We realize that adhering to this policy may be very difficult for patients and their families, particularly during a stressful health crisis.  To overcome this challenge, we offer options that can help control tobacco addictions, including a stop smoking program and nicotine replacement therapies.  Additionally, individuals can have one-on-one smoking cessation counseling on an outpatient basis for a minimal charge.  For more information or to arrange counseling, hospital patients can speak with their nurse; individuals not in the hospital can contact our smoking cessation counselor at 498-1616.

Hearing Impaired Services – For individuals with hearing impairments, we have sign language specialists available who can provide translation services.  Cary Medical Center is also equipped with special telephones, called TDDs (Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf), that can translate audio communications into written text.  To arrange for these services, please communicate this to your nurse.

Vision Impaired Services – For patients with vision difficulties, our patient handbook is available on audio CD.  Additionally, we have visual aid cards available.

Other Services – During your hospital stay, we’d be happy to help you with special needs, such as having documents notarized, copied, faxed etc., or any other service that can ensure that your experience at Cary Medical meets all of your expectations.  Please feel free to speak to your nurse or our patient advocate if a special need arises.