About Dr. Siruno

Family Health Care, Oncology, Orthopedics, OB Health Services: Caribou, ME

About Dr. Siruno

Cesar S Siruno was born on January 22nd 1947 in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.  He grew up in Cabugao, and attended elementary school there.  He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology at the Far Eastern University in Manila in 1967. At the same school he earned his Degree in Medicine in 1973.  He completed a Rotating Medical Internship at the Veterans Memorial Hospital in Quezon City from 1972 – 73 and his General Surgery Residency at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Manila from 1973 – 76.  He then traveled to the United States where he completed his Categorical Surgical Internship at the Detroit Macomb Hospital Association, 1977-78. From 1978 – 82 he did another General Surgery Residency at the Macomb Hospital in Detroit.

Dr. Siruno and his wife Florentina, a Registered Nurse, had two children and moved to Aroostook County in 1982 where Dr. Siruno joined the surgical practice of noted Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr. Pedro Simon.  Later, Dr. Siruno opened his own private practice of General Surgery in Caribou. Over a career that lasted more than 20 years Dr. Siruno became a highly regarded and much admired General Surgeon. The Siruno Family became a part of the Caribou community and both children graduated from Caribou High School.  Dr. Siruno was known as an excellent golfer. Both Dr. Siruno and his wife were avid golfers and participated in the Cary Classic Benefit Golf Tournament, often taking home trophies. Dr. Siruno also participated in the Maine Hospital Association benefit golf events and other tournaments to benefit local charities.   He also loved tennis, and ping pong. He often shared his home and love for the sports with other members of the medical staff, and friends in the community. He also was known to have a great voice and often sang Karaoke. He actually made an appearance at the Cary Medical Center Family Talent Show to the delight of hundreds of community people in attendance.   

Praised by his colleagues, loved by his patients and staff, Dr Siruno was committed to his family and the hospital.  Many times day or night he would be at Cary, in the ICU or on the Acute Care Unit to round on his patients. He was a great believer in patient education and the early diagnosis of disease as well as prevention.  He was part of a campaign to increase colorectal cancer screening and appeared in a television advertisement with a patient that he had referred for imaging and found a cancer but because of early detection the patient is alive today, some 30 years later.

The untimely death of Dr. Siruno in 2009 saddened the entire Caribou community and beyond. Numerous tributes were sent to the hospital and family.  Kris Doody, RN, CEO of Cary Medical Center and now CEO for Pines Health Services remembers the loss of Dr. Siruno and what it meant to the region.

“Dr. Siruno was a gentleman, an excellent surgeon and a dear friend to so many of us”, Kris said.  “His vivacious smile, his laugh and his overall personality just was such a great fit for the Cary and Pines family.  It was a great loss to our hospital and community, and so much more so for his family. He will ever be remembered for the contributions he made to health care in Aroostook County”.