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Automated Medication Dispensing

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Automated Medication Dispensing

At Cary Medical Center, we have technologies that significantly reduce the risk of medication errors, including an automated medication dispensing system that stores, dispenses, and tracks medication use.

After the physician enters a medication order into our advanced computer system, one of our pharmacists will review the order and verify its appropriateness for the patient based on health information that has already been entered into the computer system.  If the medication is appropriate, the pharmacist approves the dispensing of the medication and communicates this electronically to the patient’s nurse.  The nurse then verifies the information and retrieves the approved medication from the ‘Omni-cell’, the automated medication dispensing system that is accessible on the nursing units.  The Omni-cell has safety factors built in so that only the drawer containing the specific patient’s medication is opened to the nurse.  Inside each drawer are compartments that store the medication; the compartment lights up to identify which medication is to be taken.

Patients at Cary Medical Center can be assured that we are fully committed to their safety and quality of care.  We’re proud to be among the nation’s leading hospitals with technologies, such as automated medication dispensing, that have been proven to literally save lives and dramatically improve the delivery of healthcare services.