Bone Densitometry

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Mobile Bone Densitometry Equipment

Cary Medical Center offers Bone Densitometry Studies. Most of the time, your body is good at telling you when something is wrong. Unfortunately, low bone density is an exception. Your bones will still function in the same way as usual, except they’re much more prone to breaking and fracturing. Low bone density is a hidden affliction and is often not discovered until a patient experiences a bad break or fracture.

The easiest way to find out your bone density is to undergo a bone density test. This test measures your bone mineral density. The process is simple and only takes 30 minutes. A technician uses a type of x-ray called a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan to perform the bone densitometry test. The densitometry unit emits x-rays that are absorbed by the bones; the rate of absorption is measured by computers that determine the strength of the bone tissue.  Patients with weaker bones are more susceptible to fractures and complications from falls and accidents. The bone densitometry exam takes only a few minutes and does not involve any injections or invasive procedures.

It is important to identify bone loss caused by Osteoporosis, a bone weakening disease that affects more than 25 million Americans 80% of whom are women. Ask your doctor about testing for bone density.  The technology is right here. Close to home.