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Medication Bar Coding

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Medication Bar Coding

One of the tools helping to make Cary Medical Center a national leader in patient safety and health information technologies is our medication bar coding system. This advanced system helps ensure that patients receive the correct dosage and prescription, thereby significantly reducing the risk and complications associated with medication errors.

Even though the technology is state-of-the-art, the process is quite simple. Every patient has a unique bar code on their hospital wristband I.D. When it is time for the patient to receive medication, their nurse scans their wristband with a small, handheld computer and then scans the medication container to confirm that the correct prescription and dosage is being given to the right person. Bar coding at the patient bedside combined with our automated medication dispensing creates a safer environment of care for our patients.

All of the scanned information throughout the medication dispensing process is transmitted electronically to a database that stores the information in the patient’s health record. Accuracy of the medical record, access to the patient’s most current health information, and continuity of care are all greatly enhanced with this technology.