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Advanced Ultrasound Technology

Cary Medical Center is committed to continual investment in technology to provide high quality healthcare. The hospital has advanced ultrasound technology with the ACUSON Redwood Ultrasound System. The new system offers better image quality at a higher resolution than was previously available. This ultrasound technology uses high frequency sound waves and echoes to create pictures of internal organs. Traditional ultrasound bounces one sound wave straight to the tissue. The ACUSON system has the ability to combine up to nine penetrating sound waves from different angles to create exceptionally detailed images. Using new techniques, including tissue harmonics and 3D and panoramic imaging, doctors can view tissue abnormalities better than ever before, helping to reduce the need for more invasive procedures. This is a huge advantage in diagnosing diseases such as breast cancer.   

The Redwood system also has AI technology that improves workflow and exam consistency. The unit is designed with a small footprint and lightweight design for better portability. The system can easily be brought to a patient’s bedside to help diagnose and monitor patients without disrupting their comfort and safety.